Thursday, June 26, 2014


it really has been a while since i last written here. here lies all the words from deep within that i cannot express. this is the 7th year i've been in my has its ups and downs but well...its fun. you really cant deny that it has been a hell of an experience. let's sum it up. i lost the so called 'love of my life' just because i spent more time here than with him. i found another guy who casually denies my existense for like....forever.. it's a bitter sweet memory i guess you can say.'s been 2 years now since i left taman desa... honestly, i kinda miss all the chaos going around there.. thinking that it would never to be my concern. but now...everything's changed... the table has turned around...karma just came right back and bit me in the ass... hard! i guess what i'm trying to express is that i never thought caring for 'me's is that hard... a really hats off to my mentors..for tolerating me and accepting me... my life now is a lil....pain in the ass... teachers problem... branch problems.... even drivers problem....>< but....on top all of that craziness...i still have the best and sweetest guy now... my lovely kelvin.. you're emotional...always... but thats what make] you're normal that way. i must admit i kinda miss you nowadays...though you're just right beside me... i guess i just miss my carefree days with you. but i'll keep my promise... i'll be there for you no matter bad or good, i'll support whatever decision you make... for....i'm hopelessly in love with a maniac like you... just wished you could have read this.... oh well...

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